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Writing HEP software with ease and Go

Welcome to go-hep.

go-hep is a set of libraries and applications allowing High Energy Physicists to write efficient analysis code in the Go programming language.

Go brings the fast edit-compile-run cycle that interpreted language users know and the runtime efficiency that compiled languages users expect. go-hep provides the needed HEP oriented packages on top of this concurrency-enabled language.

go-hep currently sports the following packages:


go-hep packages are installable via the go get command:

$ go get

Just select the package you are interested in and go get will take care of fetching, building and installing it, as well as its dependencies, recursively.

go-hep is available on all Go supported platforms:


All go-hep code is released under a BSD-3 license.

Authors and Contributors

go-hep was primarily written by Sebastien Binet (@sbinet). The complete AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS list can be consulted on the dedicated license repository.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with go-hep?
Check out the documentation or contact us at and we’ll help you sort it out.